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I'm the Fundraising Database Officer at Alzheimer's Research UK (the UK's leading dementia research charity). These days my work primarily involves two types of programming: tools for manipulating large data sets and libraries that add features and polish to our database tools.

I've just finishing my PhD in sensory substitution devices at the University of Sussex. Many of the projects have been very code-heavy and I wouldn't have made it through without Stackoverflow - thanks guys!

I started hacking in VBA in Excel, so blame Joel for me being here. For a while I was the geeky half of an awesome web design duo, so I'm quite at home with PHP (esp. cakePHP and Wordpress), jQuery and other web related things. I've also a special place in my heart for prolog - possibly the most fun I've had with a language.

I'm currently looking for work. If you're hiring, you can find my profile on Careers 2.0.