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I’m Tom Christiansen, author of Programming Perl and Perl Cookbook from O’Reilly. I work for Grant Street Group, who are always looking to hire more Perl programmers.

I’ve undergraduate degrees in Spanish and in Computer Science, and a graduate degree in compsci focusing on operating systems design and in natural language processing. I’ve studied Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Latin, and German, with a smattering of other languages thrown in. For the last few years I’ve been dabbling in computational linguistics.

comment What to do with small cap initialisms at the start of a sentence?
Please pick up a print version of The Economist and notice that they always use small caps for initialisms and the like. Notice also how attractively NOT IN YOUR FACE that this is, unlike this sentence.
comment Is this typeface intentionally so uneven, or is this some display error?
I’m curious (read: astonished) that you find the first screenshot to be in any fashion appealing. That sample seems to employ justification by wordspacing alone, something I find worse on the eye than ragged-right text with invariant wordspacing. I believe I might go mad reading a book like that. To be readable, it also needs letterspacing and optimally subtle glyph reshaping as well.
comment When should someone use ligatures?
@PhilPerry No, that’s not true. The software should be deciding this for the obligatory ones that will not typeset correctly otherwise.