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comment Matching the font in a scanned doc with the font's character map and doing an OCR (kind of)
@boblet I tried by training some softwares like Abbyy Finereader and the output was not very accurate. Here's the link for the original scanned doc .What do you think? Do you think the resolution of the doc is the culprit here? And I have never used Tesseract before. Will learn if it will help. Can you try some tricks on this image using Tesseract or anything else?
comment Matching the font in a scanned doc with the font's character map and doing an OCR (kind of)
@boblet I did try with some programs and being OCR programs they are doing their job but not very accurate in the output. They are mistaking the tails of letters for commas and periods and many more such mistakes. Cuz there are so many pages, I can't really afford to recheck each page and that would be really tedious. Do you think the Tesseract-OCR would be of any help here? How are they used? And plz don't forget the main question.
comment How to create a template for a wooden photo FRAME to support different types of patterns and styles in PS?
@Joonas Hey brother, this is amazing. But I would like ask you something. What was your purpose behind building such a tool? I mean I think people don't really make programs to do such trivial tasks. And plz check your mail.
comment How to create a realistic wooden photoframe from images of blocks of the frame?
@John Thanks a lot for such a help. If you won't mind I have to ask a little bit more from you. How can I make this frame shrink towards its outer border, thereby creating more space in the white area for the photo to be placed? the overall size of the frame would stay intact but only just the inner portion would push outwards to meet the outer border. Hope I am making it clear. BTW the part you said "some tweaking", can you please elaborate it a bit cuz the end result looks really promising. Thanks.