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comment sprites in animation or sprite coding
@Jongware - It's still quite off-topic, yes, and there's a good likelihood that you'd need to be either a game programmer (which I'm not) or old (which I am) to see the difference. But the keys are "sprites in animation or sprite coding" and "everywhere it was written CSS sprite" (and, I suppose, having some experience dealing with ESL helps in noticing that).
comment Looking for a place to find a wide format printer
Most professionally-oriented photographic retailers will have wide format printers in stock and on display (at least the 17", 24" and 44" varieties, though usually only Epson and Canon models not requiring a separate RIP). And since you're dealing exclusively with the "pro" stuff starting at the 24" size (there is no "consumer" equivalent) there's usually a lot more options than choosing something from the web page, giving your CC details and hoping for the best; consultancy is part of the process.
comment sprites in animation or sprite coding
Actually, the question specifically asks how not to get information about CSS sprites when looking for information about animation (blitting) sprites (a much older topic, predating the WWW by many years).
answered remove transparency from semitransparent pixel
comment Is it possible to have multiple blend modes on a single layer in Photoshop?
Have you looked at the blending options? You can fake a lot of what the lighten (or darken) groups do - with limitations, of course - using the "blend if" sliders.
comment What's the worst that can happen with CC0?
@JohnManly - I hadn't noticed. Don't touch it, anyone!
answered What's the worst that can happen with CC0?
comment How can a print have a resolution of 9600 x 2400 dpi?
Exactly. Think of an inkjet printer as Georges Seurat with a limited number of tubes of paint (often only four) that he's not allowed to mix at all, and tiny brushes of one, two or three sizes that must be dabbed, not stroked. 300DPI (which was actually a common spec back in the early '90s) means you need to see a (full-colour) picture from quite a distance before it looks like a picture rather than like a bunch of dots, and printing an image at 300PPI on a 300DPI (non-giclee) printer would be like converting to a 4-colour (2-bit) GIF. (The whole LPI thing is a red herring here.)
comment At what size can I print a pixel image of an existing without losing quality, and can I use it for personal or resale purpose?
It's not about content-aware, @Scott - according to Julieanne Kost, as of (at least) CS6 "bicubic smoother" (or bicubic auto and upscale, which is the same thing) actually does an interative (implied 10%, but not stated explicitly, so don't quote me on the percentage) upscaling automatically.
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answered How would you create an 'experience' with an invoice keeping ink cartridges in mind?
comment Publishing a RAW file after retouching RAW in photoshop
It's not about "the most high res image", @sam, it's about RAW - they want to ensure they have an unretouched image. You can submit a TIFF or a low-compression JPEG alongside the RAW, but they want to see the RAW image. (A DNG with your basic ACR adjustments in place might be preferable from your point of view, since if you give them a RAW + XMP, there's no guarantee that they'll see your adjustments at all.)
comment Can this licence be applied to non code (art)?
It's essentially CC0.
comment What's this printing technique called?
A surprisingly large number of designers will have a Roland desktop CNC router or mill about the place for precisely this sort of thing (on a small scale, at least), as will any number of "engraving" kiosks is large malls.
answered Using GIMP, how do I fill the canvas with an image?
comment replace artwork while retaining(extract) the reflection, specular highlights and texture of a metal surface
What an actual professional faced with this sort of task would do would be to photograph a plain, single-colour badge/pin of a medium tonality (or one with very simple, small and easily-removed print if a plain item is unobtainable) to capture the environment. (Do note, though, that studio photographers don't want to wind up in their product shots, and go out of their way to eliminate their own reflections when shooting.) Adding a new design then becomes almost trivial.
comment How to get MS Office fonts?
There's a really good free Type1 + OTF Palatino designed for use with LaTeX (huge glyph set) at CTAN (the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network). Can't help with Eras, though.
answered Tube Label Gradient Abrupt Cutoff when Printing Help!