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I'm mostly a Flex developer in Chicago, I also play around with Arduino, Processing, Java, have a small history with C/C++. I work for a company called Roundarch Isobar where I work primarily on web-applications built in Flex and service layer code using Java (Spring, iBatis, BlazeDS) and Teradata. I love programming (or rather problem solving) and helping people out is okay too. I ultimately went to DePaul University and received a BS in Computer Science.

comment Export photoshop layers to individual PNG files - batch process?
The issue with it only exporting a couple of layers is due to the other layers being in layer sets (Groups). Instead of using artLayers you can use layers, to get an array with both LayerSet objects and ArtLayer objects... turned out for my use case was easier to just do it manually... but also using the trim method on the layer will cut the image down, issue is you need to make a temp file to put each layer with the same size as the doc then use trim() otherwise it doesn't work out. Thx for the idea and script though.
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