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I work as an archivist but I am mainly interested in questions about fonts and font design since I develop a font editor.

comment Batch trace JPG to SVG
You can create a live CD and run Linux directly from the USB stick.
comment Best tool to create a mock GUI quickly?
I use Inkscape for GUI mockups but there are probably better options.
comment When designing, what techniques can be used for determining if the right amount of “fluff” has been added?
Sorry that was a bad joke, I can not solve exactly much fluff you should add or quantify how modernistic a design should be but I want to add to the discussion that fluffy design and non fluffy design is connected to functionalism.
comment From optical to manual kerning (critique)
Beginning with the RL is actually even better since it limits how small the distance can be, it must be very small at the bottom and bigger at the top because of the leg. I would give all letters as much space as the RL combinations has at the top. But as you state in the question the optical kerning looks pretty good.
comment How to upload my new font?
Where can we read your book?