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Top new questions this week:

Choosing a pair of complementary colours

This is a palette generator: Could you tell me what the circle mean? If these are complementary colours, then I'm ...

asked by Kifsif 4 votes
answered by Rafael 2 votes

Freelance graphic design - who sends the proofs?

I am a freelance graphic artist. I deal with a print broker. He has clients that he needs proofs for for print projects. I set up the proofs. Is it my responsibility as a rule to send the proofs to ...

print-design client-relations business freelance proofing  
asked by Laura 3 votes
answered by Scott 9 votes

What is the name for numbers fonts that contain descender and ascender?

I have seen this kind of Numbers in some publications, It looks betters in the text of body, but I don't know the name or how to get them. I am not talking about a specific font family but rather the ...

asked by Sergio Spaolonzi 2 votes

How to mockup a realistic cloth tag with a custom shape?

Making a cloth label mockup with any shape I want, while still looking decently realistic, would be a dream come true. For example, I have an initial mockup like this If I want my label to be star ...

adobe-photoshop background texture mockup shadows  
asked by Cristóbal 2 votes
answered by Billy Kerr 3 votes

Is it OK to only use the wordmark of a logo?

I have a logo that resides in this category: Combination mark When a symbol and a wordmark fall in love, they make a logo. More specifically, a combination mark (a traditional logo) is comprised of a ...

logo branding best-practice  
asked by Flavius Frantz 1 vote

Begginer, how to 'cut' a circle in Inkscape an achieve pie like pieces?

I am completely green with Inkscape and graphics. As an exercise I am trying to create my own coffee wheel, which looks something like that: I struggle with creating these circle fragments. So far I ...

asked by Michał Powłoka 1 vote

How do you crop a symbol in illustrator without changing every symbol?

Is there a way to crop a symbol on your artboard without altering the other symbols on the artboard that are the same?

adobe-illustrator symbols crop  
asked by Mapper202 1 vote
answered by Scott 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Saving Multiple Pages as PDF in Photoshop

How to save Multiple pages as a single Portable Document Format document in Photoshop.

adobe-photoshop pdf  
asked by Arun Subramaniam 16 votes
answered by antoniosastre 28 votes

How to align all objects in the center of the artboard using Illustrator?

Is there a shortcut to align all objects in the center of an artboard instead of doing it manually?

adobe-illustrator alignment artboard shortcuts  
asked by Ali Brunmeier 48 votes
answered by Scott 59 votes

What does the size of the font translate to exactly?

I have a 40 pixel font that I'm trying to translate into custom images. I'm trying to match the size of the image exactly, but I'm having some problems getting exactly the right size. Basically, what ...

asked by PearsonArtPhoto 91 votes
answered by e100 75 votes

Photoshop a low-res image to make it appear higher-res

I want to enlarge an image to a bigger size. This will cause pixelation. So I want to apply some treatment to it in Photoshop that will suppress some of this pixelation. Of course I cannot generate ...

adobe-photoshop photo-editing resolution  
asked by Abhranil Das 8 votes
answered by Alan Gilbertson 9 votes

What's a good replacement font for ITC Avant Garde Std?

I have a PSD comp for a website and the titles are in ITC Avant Garde Std. What's a good replacement font? It should be available for the web, either free or on TypeKit.

web-fonts font-recommendation free  
asked by ageektrapped 19 votes
answered by Brendan 9 votes

How to use San Francisco font on Windows?

I'm doing all graphic design in a startup company of some friends, and a major part of our product is developing an app that should run on everything after iPhone 4. So after some researching (I have ...

fonts font-recommendation windows applications apple  
asked by Z Marci 31 votes
answered by mpt 39 votes

Point vs Pixel: What is the difference?

What is the difference between points and pixels?

asked by Atif 137 votes
answered by Paul Russell 123 votes
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