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Top new questions this week:

How can I convert a QR code from JPG to SVG with perfect clean squares?

I have a QR code in jpg format with low quality and I need to convert it to SVG with perfect squares. I tried Trace Bitmap with Inkscape using Edge detection and all the other options, but I can't ...

inkscape gimp image-quality image-editing  
user avatar asked by Harry McKenzie Score of 1
user avatar answered by Billy Kerr Score of 1

Dithering vs. noise overlay

I'm currently developing a web app that uses very, very dark images as background. To prevent color banding, I'm adding some randomized noise to the images: Now, it's very easy to just overlay an ...

user avatar asked by Selbi Score of 1
user avatar answered by Edward Alesworth Score of 2

How to resize QR code from vector graphic without grayish zones?

I'm trying to resize a vector graphic QR code in Gimp but it always creates an additional color in it gray. I want it to be pure black and white with perfect corners like in the original image on the ...

inkscape gimp resize image-quality image-editing  
user avatar asked by Harry McKenzie Score of 1
user avatar answered by Billy Kerr Score of 2

Replacing by GREP

I want to replace a specific space (that one after single letter) and replace it with non-breaking space, but I don't know how. I tried using \s[\l\u]\s, but I don't know what to change.

user avatar asked by mohamed abdelaziz Score of 1
user avatar answered by joojaa Score of 1

How to use color settings together in Photoshop, InDesign, PDF export for print?

There are color settings in Photoshop, InDesign, and in PDF export within InDesign. How do they work together? I know color is complicated so I tried to keep questions below focused. I get lost in the ...

adobe-photoshop adobe-indesign print-design color-conversion color-profile  
user avatar asked by NotARobot Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Reduce file size without losing quality

I would like to save files in Photoshop but keep them as small as possible. I use Save for Web (and Devices) and save as a JPEG. Here are the settings I used: I really do not want to lower the ...

adobe-photoshop images image-quality save  
user avatar asked by L84 Score of 11
user avatar answered by thebodzio Score of 15

How do I get out of Outline View?

I have drawn a broom in Illustrator and cant apply any brushes or strokes to it. I just don't get it. What do I have to do? Here is a screenshot:

adobe-illustrator brush path  
user avatar asked by Daniel Hernandez Score of 19
user avatar answered by JohnB Score of 33

How can I crop everything outside of an art board in Illustrator?

I've got a very complex texture that I have running WAY over the art board and I need to clean it up for a client. How do I get rid of every point outside of the art board?

adobe-illustrator vector texture artboard  
user avatar asked by Caleb Score of 33
user avatar answered by MrRoundtree Score of 37

Why are all my colors dull in Illustrator CS6?

I just installed Creative Suite 6 on my computer. I was working on some artwork for a client in Illustrator and having a hard time getting the right colors. I noticed they were all very dull. So I did ...

adobe-illustrator color  
user avatar asked by ethayne Score of 12
user avatar answered by dammitjim Score of 11

What does the interlaced option in Photoshop do?

There is this options box shown when saving a PNG image from Adobe Photoshop. I always choose 'None'. What does the 'Interlaced' option do?

adobe-photoshop png save  
user avatar asked by Lazer Score of 78
user avatar answered by Joonas Score of 109

Rotate illustrator canvas and contents?

Is there a way to rotate the canvas in illustrator 90 degrees? It's pdf format. I've tried the Artboard tool (Ctrl/Command + O) I found an answer regarding this: Illustrator opens PDFs rotated 90 ...

adobe-illustrator pdf artboard  
user avatar asked by chrisjlee Score of 22
user avatar answered by Javi Score of 42

When saving, I'm not getting all the Photoshop image formats as options

So I've edited a photo in Photoshop and I try to save it as a JPEG, only it doesn’t give me all the options for formats; no PNG or anything. Why is this? Anyone have any suggestions or know any ...

adobe-photoshop save file-format  
user avatar asked by Kuzo Score of 11
user avatar answered by Alan Gilbertson Score of 17
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