I'm currently working in personalised product design, I get a document with the customers name or date ect and I insert the information into the illustrator file and save it out as a pdf.

I've managed to find ways and create actions in all my other areas of work to speed everything up.

The thing that takes me the longest is getting a super long or really short name to personalise a product with.

I was wondering if you knew of a way where I could just paste in someones name, then the text resizes itself to fit. so like creating a fixed width/height for a design, then whatever name i paste in, it goes to that width?


  • It be nice if you at least accepted the answer @Craig – FabricioG Feb 15 '19 at 18:21

Thanks to Adobe scripting, this very common issue can be solved via script. Please view this post to find the similar question.

The link I provide is to my LinkedIn article which deals with this script and its usage: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/adobe-illustrator-variable-data-dealing-overset-text-vasily-hall/

If you are doing much personalization, you may be interested in the variable data capabilities of Adobe Illustrator. If so, please add me on LinkedIn to view all of my various variable data articles. Fair warning to all visitors: for nerds ONLY!

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