When I export my image as a jpeg from Illustrator the extension is blurry. How do I save to jpeg to get a clear image?

Thank you!


it could be that you're trying to save it too big and the image isnt a vector? otherwise i'd advise to save it as an AI file and drag that file into your Photoshop and export it there if that's an option for you.


In addition to other replies about optimising a .jpeg - as you're exporting from Illustrator I presume you are looking to save a vector artwork as a raster file (i.e. an image made up of pixels).

It may be worth saving the image as a .png rather than a .jpeg as the jpeg is designed specifically for photographs, rather than images with large areas of flat colour (which png is more appropriate for). You can save as a png from the 'File - Export As' menu. They are widely supported in web and print like the .jpeg is.

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