Let's say I have a shape. A simple shape, like a rectangle. And I need to add an anchor point at an exact point of a line. I can do this by doing some simple math and use guides to mark that point, and of course it works. Or I could just zoom in until I see pixel by pixel and then place the anchor even without guides.

However, I was wondering if there's a way to place an anchor by adding a numeric input. Say you right click on a path and there's an option (if it exists probably with some key(s) combination) to add the anchor at X px or X % from the top or bottom or left or right or beginning of path or relative size or whatever.

Does this (or something like this) exists in Photoshop?

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No. It does not exist.

There may be some third party plug-n somewhere but that's unlikely since Photoshop is raster based and not really designed for mathematical precision. Illustrator won't do this either, but there are plug-ins for Illustrator which, if they don't do this directly, would make it much easier to accomplish.

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