I am new to InDesign. I purchased some fonts for the documents I am working in, how do I know if these are embedded or not? I am already working and when I try to convert my document into PDF, it keeps not showing the fonts. What should I do? Thank you

  • InDesign should embed fonts by default. 1. Which font is it and which type? 2. What software are you using to open the pdf? 3. Did you get a warning from InDesign at the moment of saving? 4. In Adobe Reader, go to the Font tab in Properties and post screenshot – sterling770 Oct 26 '17 at 15:05

In Acrobat, with the PDF open....

Choose File > Properties

Click the Fonts tab at the top of the window.

All the fonts embedded in the PDF should be listed.

If there's nothing listed under the Fonts tab, then there are no embedded fonts. This could be due to creating outlines before generating the PDF or specific Job Option settings when generating the PDF.

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