I am using Illustrator CS6.

Recently when I try to type in our local language "Gujarati" via Google Input tools with Gujarati fonts the typed text not showing joined word and characters correctly.

enter image description here

This is how it looks in illustrator cs6 enter image description here

It is working correctly everywhere except Photoshop. This is how is should look (typed in Chrome):

enter image description here

To better understand my problem, there is a similar question on Stack Overflow. That problem is for Android and my question is for Illustrator CS6.

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Illustrator CC includes enhanced support for Indic languages. You can now create documents using Indic text. The additional Middle Eastern & South Asian Composer provides correct word shaping for many of the non-Western scripts.

The Middle Eastern & South Asian Composers support Indian languages:

Bengali Gujarati Hindi Kannada Malayalam Marathi Oriya Punjabi Tamil Telugu This feature is enabled through the Preferences menu (Ctrl + K). The option is available in Preferences > Type > Show Indic Options.

enter image description here

Setting to switch on Indic options, in the Preferences

When you enable Indic options, two additional composers are enabled in the flyout menu of the Paragraph panel (available in the Control panel or through Ctrl + T). The two additional options are:

  • Middle Eastern & South Asian Single-line Composer
  • Middle Eastern & South Asian Every-line Composer

enter image description here

Two new composers available when you switch on Indic support

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