There is a dark, grainy look on this image (view below) that I want to replicate. How do you create this texture in Sketch 3 app?

enter image description here

I tried to add the grainy texture on the shape by adjusting the "Fills" with a grainy texture, and the result looks like this (view below):

enter image description here

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Can't you reduce the contrast of the effect by using a texture that's less different to the fill, or reduce the texture's opacity? I think your effect is too strong.

Also the texture in the example doesn't fill the entire shape. I think perhaps you could add another shape without the texture over your shape, and apply a blur effect to it.

I don't have access to Sketch, but in Illustrator I got this by applying a blur to a shape over the textured shape. I'm pretty sure you could do something similar in Sketch.

enter image description here

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