I just got a new imac.

When I opened up an old email design in Photoshop it was small. I saw that I was zoomed at 100% so this was confusing at first before I remembered RETINA...

I redesigned an email with a width of 1200px which appears like a 600px container in Photoshop at 100% zoom.

When I save the image as a .jpg and drop it into an email (inline or attached) to share with client for feedback, the image is huge. What am I doing wrong?

I tried reducing the size of the image by 50% back to a 600px container, which looks properly sized for an email when I attach the file to an email, but it's blurry (even at 144 DPI)

Can't wrap my head around this. What am I doing wrong?

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Disregard how the image looks on your screen in Photoshop, it's a pretty well-known issue and although I keep reading Adobe has addressed it, I still seem to have an issue with it.

you can always zoom to 200% for a better look at how a browser/email client will render it.

Either way, don't increase the size of your images. Emails are still typically designed at 600px wide. 600px is 600px, despite how it looks on your monitor.

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