I’m developing a reference web site, to help English speakers learn the Hebrew alphabet. I’ve used character escapes for all the Hebrew letters, but they render in the block sans-serif style.

I wish the Hebrew letters to render in block serif style, and am asking if there is a free font I can use to achieve this?

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Here is Font Squrrel’s selection of (free) fonts supporting Hebrew. I am no expert on the distinction you want to achieve, but to me it looks like the serif fonts (Tinos and Cardo) fulfil your criteria. I haven’t looked at the sans-serif fonts.

  • Thanks. The distinction is the default font for ASP.NET MVC pages shows Hebrew as sans-serif, and as I am trying to learn Biblical Hebrew, without serifs on the screen, it is very hard to discern glyphs with serifs on another screen.
    – ProfK
    Nov 7, 2017 at 10:55

Google Fonts have some typefaces like the ones you require too.

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