I use Indesign CC as last step in document processing. The source is written in markdown and converted via pandoc to an InCopy-Document which gets linked to a text frame in InDesign.

The whole process is described here:

For version control of the markdown files I use git.

Is there a way to link the git log to an InDesign table to have a version list at the beginning of the document?

So, when I do a commit in git, the table can be updated via an action script or the like?

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    You could create an InCopy document and place it. Any change to to doc will be noticed by InDesign. Another solution would be a post commit hook that triggers an Extendscript run. See this question and the git hook docs – fabianmoronzirfas Nov 8 '17 at 4:24
  • You wouldn't even have to make an incopy file if you can get the git log output as an xml — indesign is really good at importing xml and auto styling it (you match paragraph/character styles to the xml tags). XML files are linkable and updateable, as you generate/overwrite the xml file, you update and, provided you've mapped the tags to styles correctly, voila, magically updated table/list! – bjornmeansbear Jun 5 '18 at 3:44

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