I'm excited about the new library symbols functionality in Sketch. However, the transition seems it is going to be onerous from the old way with the ~50 symbols I currently have been keeping inside a document with a set of screens.

The file I have with a set of screens and also some local symbols that the screens reference is called NI-539.sketch. I duplicated it and deleted all the non-symbol pages and saved this as a separate file called Library - Qual.sketch. Then I added Library - Qual.sketch as an external library file from the preferences as in https://www.sketchapp.com/docs/libraries/adding-libraries . Now NI-539.sketch is still referring to its local symbols. I'd like to convert all symbol references to now refer to the symbols in the external Library - Qual.sketch with the same symbol name so that I can refer to this central set of symbols from many screen documents. Is this possible to do in a batch? The only thing I've been able to figure out how to do seems to require changing symbol references one by one.

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There are several plugins that allow you to do this:

Library Symbol Replacer

This plugin allows you to easily replace symbols in the current document with symbols from a library document

Symbol Swapper Plugin

Lets you swap selected symbols or all symbols in a file for symbols in the library of your choice

Automate Sketch

Has several functions for managing links between symbols and libraries.

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