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I need to print a chess board like drawing (black and white squares). I need the printing to be in micro-scale accuracy (+-50 micron). What kind of printing should I head for? any advice is much appreciated.

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    I would suggest finding a printer that deals with medical packaging. I place a lot of very small DataMatrix codes on very small labels and they need to be very accurate to pass GS-1 quality control. – GoofyMonkey Nov 9 '17 at 21:57

50 micron inkjet printer

enter image description here

This is the only product I've seen. It's not all in english. http://www.htdpmj.com/EN/acp_view.asp?id=201

Can spray into the number: 1~5 Ink color: black, red, green, invisible and other non pigment ink Max printing speed: 300m/min Model: R400-50 micron Product Description: Acer 50 micron micro character inkjet printer for a variety of packaging industry labeling requirements, compared with the 60 micron standard spray printing effect is more precise, can be satisfied with the identification of smaller products. High performance to price ratio, high market share, national service coverage.

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