Sorry for being idiot but I try to recreate effect from tutorial and I might be paranoid but I think I can't get it right. This is how it looks in tutorial. I see it's supposed to be clipping mask (I think). Correct me if this icon means something different.

enter image description here

But what I get is this. Is this version difference or something? It really drives me crazy because I think my effect is different (I work on Photoshop CS6).

enter image description here


You are using a Gradient Map while the tutorial is using simply Gradient. Gradient is somewhere higher in the Effects tab. Focus on the details.

enter image description here

Also, your layer named Layer appears to have a solid background while in the tutorial, he created a new layer and used a brush to paint WTF while everything else is transparent.

Try this, delete Layer, create a new layer, take your brush and paint something on the newly created layer.

Remove the gradient map and add Gradient instead, clip the B&W and Gradient to the new layer.

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