I have packaging that is created with lines (paths). I need to color some of the parts of the packaging. I am having difficulty using various tools to create a shape from my paths (shape builder, pathfinder and live paint bucket). I managed to come close (I think) using live paint bucket, but when I go to apply a color, the only option I have is "k". There is no "c", "m" or "y".

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Your current selection has a black stroke and no fill. I suspect the stroke is in Greyscale mode.

Select your fill, select a color, go to the color window, use the dropdown arrow in top right and make sure color setting is CMYK.

Before applying the paintbucket I load up the fill and stroke I need, select the objects and then apply paintbucket.

With your color selected in the fill and in CMYK color mode apply the paintbucket. (Do you really want a stroke on your paint objects? if not turn it off and have only a fill)

  • How do I make a shape from the paths that I selected? And still keep the fold marks (dotted line)? – Deanne DeGrandpre Nov 21 '17 at 23:40

Live Paint just applies swatch colors to areas.

You can use the arrow keys ( and ) to "walk" through the swatches in the Swatch Panel. You should see the little 3-box cursor change colors as you do. The middle color is the one which will be applied. The left and right boxes indicate the adjacent swatch colors.

enter image description here

Or you can simply click a swatch you want to use, then click the object on the Artboard with the Live Paint Bucket Tool.

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