I'm working on User Interface and I'm trying to figure out if a left alignment on the body container or a center alignment would work/look better. I'm adding screenshots of my project.

Have there been any testing done in relation to this or is there a recommended structure on the layout that gives users the better experience?




I wouldn't go for none of the above.

I find it very annoying to have everything aligned to the left of the screen.

I would add a wrap container and center that to the screen. Add a darker BG color to your body to focus the attention to the center and there you have it.

enter image description here

This appears to be a CMS-like interface so it will be used by the "admins" quite frequently to update their website/profile so it would be even more annoying to have to go all the way to the far left side of the screen all the time to change between pages.

You want to be able to keep everything an eye-movement away and keep a nice posture when using it.

  • Your first example forces you to keep your head twisted to the left and stress will build up in your neck leading to discomfort.

  • Your second example forces you to turn your head front-left-front every time you want to change tabs and that may get highly irritable and will prove to be unproductive.

Try to keep things together (without overcrowding).

  • Very much agreed.... either center all containers as a collective, or make non-navigational containers have fluid widths.
    – Scott
    Nov 24 '17 at 16:24

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