So, I'm trying this tutorial and everything works fine, except point 5. http://www.vectordiary.com/illustrator/globe-tutorial/

I create a mesh with "Envelope Distort" selected with my mesh tool a nod and tried to color the Mesh point... but it doesnt work, I dont why or how but... dont know, I'm out of ideas. Edit contents is just to change the color of the rectangle, not the mesh points... so, how?

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    Hi Raoul. I rolled back your 'resolved' edit. We are a Q&A site, not a forum, and we prefer our posts stay formatted as questions and answers. The fact that you ticked Scott's answer as correct is sufficient to indicate that you have a fitting answer. Thanks for understanding!
    – Vincent
    Dec 14, 2017 at 11:38

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That tutorial is wrong. Using Envelope Distort > Make with Mesh does not allow you to select mesh points and color them.

You are not doing anything wrong, the tutorial is inaccurate.

After drawing the box... choose Object > Create Gradient Mesh That will convert the box to a Mesh object which has anchors you can then assign colors to.

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