Please help me identify this weird futuristic font. It has some very characteristic letters, so it should be easy to pinpoint if you know it.

However, I tried many recognition tools (and reddit) and the closest I got was Gaoel, but that's not quite it... https://www.whatfontis.com/CR_Gaoel-otf-400.font?text=BRiGHTFUTURE

Some suggested modified Avenir or Gotham, but it's definitely not Avenir if you look at the R, and Gotham is also not likely as C, E and S have a bit bigger curvature than in Gotham. I still suspect it's a font, especially given how similar it is to Gaoel. Any guess?

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The base font is probably Gotham Medium by Hoefler & Co.. And then some chopping...

enter image description here

  • I think you nailed it! :)
    – f055
    Feb 8, 2018 at 19:26

It definitely is a modified version of Montserrat.

enter image description here

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    It’s close, the “G” and “R” are noticeably different though
    – Cai
    Dec 18, 2017 at 17:15

LOGOTYPE  from fonts.com

It looks like a modified version of Gerald Gallo's Logotype

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    When suggesting a font please link to the location of the font and include a screenshot of the font in action. It adds value to an answer and will help others see if your answer is correct.
    – user9447
    Dec 19, 2017 at 22:31
  • It's the kind of the same design idea, but it would need so much modification, you'd better be off starting with Arial Bold.
    – Jongware
    Dec 19, 2017 at 23:32

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