I’m new and hoping someone can help out please. I purchased some mockups for my designs not realising the files are psds. I’ve never used photoshop, I use AI but I’m currently on holiday for some time & due to slow internet & limit I will be unable to download photoshop, the psd files basically act like ordinary image in AI (I assume once opened in PS they should be smart objects which allows to place my images in the phone shapes easily??). In the meantime is there a way to do this in illustrator? Thanks enter image description here


You would need to define "work".

.psd documents can be opened or placed inside Illustrator documents. How they operate depends upon the construction of the Photoshop file. It's possible to retain things such as Live Type, Vector shapes, etc when opening a .psd with Illustrator.


Most of the templates I've seen along these lines have beed specially configured for Photoshop with layers and layer masks to allow the user to place images or objects onto the device while retaining the overall shape and appearance of the device itself.

Such as a smart object layer containing layer styles, allowing the user to change the smart object contents but retain all the visual highlights/shadows to make it appear as though everything is on the device. You will lose all that in Illustrator.

So with the .psd placed or opened in Illustrator, you won't have any defining masks and there's no access to Photoshop smart object layers directly. You can stack objects on top of the image, but you will need to create your own masks and your own highlights/shadows as desired.


It can be opened in Illustrator, but you lose adjustability which was built by adding layer styles, layer masks, and adjustment layers.

When you import, you can select total flattening or you can keep layers as separate objects. Keeping them separate objects retain text editabilty, but masks, layer styles and adjustment layers vanish, their effect get fixed.

Even simplest bitmap image edits are incredibly complex in Illustrator. But opacity and blending modes can be changed and you can hide the wanted parts by adding clipping or opacity masks.

Test, if there's enough functionality remaining when you open it in Illustrator. I believe you get most of it if you use it in Photoshop. Adjustments are surely quided well and now you at least have some reason to learn Photoshop, which surely is useful.

You can add the result to Illustrator later, but it's a bitmap and only limitedly scalable.

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