How save from one document all artboard to individual documents (in ai format).


Thank you for trying to help. But I myself remembered how to break a document on artboards. This is done simply: 1 - use the comand -Save as- In the menu that appears, the checkbox "use artboards" is not active. But it's not scary. You need to click "Save" 2 - In the next menu that appears, check the checkbox: "Save each artboard in a separate file"

Mission complete. Thanks to all.


Why don't you use Illustrator EPS format? You can save all your Artboards by choosing: File -> Save As.. -> Illustrator EPS and then check box "Use Artboards" and select "Range"


Note: I Use adobe Illustrator CS6 I dont know it the new versions are capable of doing it in AI format

In CS6 I also cannot save artboards directly in AI format but you have an Option for EPS and SVG which is also 100% vector and layers are kept tidy/arranged.

For me I do it in a long method. You may try it if you want to. Shown are screenshots of what options we can use.

enter image description here

Like yours I have no option for artboards to Ai. enter image description here

But you can use EPS, SVG or PDF Instead (it will retain the vector). Be sure to check Use Artboards (select all or specific boards or details only)

enter image description here

Re-open the EPS files and delete unwanted areas then save now for Ai. Or better rename the artboard files as <>.ai directly.


When you save your file, simply check the "Save each artboard to a separate file" checkbox. This can be found when the Illustrator Options window pops up while saving your file to the .ai format.

enter image description here

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