I have the following icon:

my icon

At this point I have tried to reduce the number of paths as much as I could but still this icon consists of multiple shapes.

Is there a way to combine icon into single shape in Illustrator?

I need that to apply a single mask to this icon in Sketch. I suspect I can't combine icon into single shape as I tried multiple ways of doing that and as far as shapes don't overlap they will always be separate shapes. So the new question is: How to apply single mask to a layer group in Sketch?

P.S. Why do I need that? To make design process more efficient by placing icon into a shared library and be able to change fill color using overrides. Since there are multiple shapes in the icon I need to use mask to each of them so it leaves me with this:

Sketch symbol

How to apply a single mask to a whole icon so I could use only single override for a color change?

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I don't know if you can apply a mask to a group, but you can very easily work around it by combining shapes into a single shape in Sketch. You just have to drag one shape onto another in the layers panel on the left. When you have combined them into one shape, you can apply the mask directly to it.

Here's an illustration of what an uncombined shape in Sketch looks like:


(Note that the rectangle is a combined shape already; see the little caret to the left - by clicking it you can expand the list of shapes it consists of).

And the combined shape:


(As you can see, you can still edit the components of the shape after you combine it, and they do not have to overlap).

Here's what it looks like with a single mask:

Combined with mask

Hope this is what you were looking for!

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