This is basically the same question as I asked recently, but about Illustrator, instead of Photoshop.

Let's say I already have a seamless pattern. For example this one: enter image description here

I'd like to quickly repeat it 4 times.

So the result would be:

(pardon for scaling) enter image description here

Is there any automated way to do this in Illustrator, instead of resizing the workspace then copying and placing it three more times?

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Drag the artwork the Swatch Panel and it will create a pattern.

Double-click the swatch in the Swatch Panel to bring up the Pattern Editor in order to refine if necessary.

More info is available in the Help files: https://helpx.adobe.com/illustrator/using/patterns.html


I believe you may find your answer on the SuperUser resource. I did a quick search of Matrix copy Illustrator and picked the top search result.

Effectively, you're telling the program to duplicate the object a certain number of times along x and a certain number of times along y, with appropriate spacing to accomplish your objective.

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