I am new to Illustrator and I am editing artwork which seems that it is drawn by paths.

My problem is I am unable to fill the part which is selected in the below image:

How I can fill the shape with a color?

  • Have you tried changing the fill attribute in the options along the top? It's currently set to black. – Billy Kerr Jan 17 '18 at 13:17

It looks like it isn't actually a stroke, but rather it is it's own shape (you can see on the left that it shows filled with black)

What you would need to do, is merge it with the shape. Use the shape builder to join it.

Select all, then just drag areas to merge.

enter image description here

You can now fill with any color you want.

There are many places where you can choose colors in Illustrator, my two favorite are:

Swatches (WindowSwatches) and Color (WindowColor or F6)

Swatches panel Color panel

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