My project folders at work have different subfolders for wireframes, comps, and prototypes, but I want to have subfolders for the actual .psd, .ai, .svg, etc. files to separate them from the many flattened jpegs, pngs, and gifs.

Is there a name for "unflattened editor files", instead of making separate "PSD", "AI", etc. folders?

I'm struggling to come up with a word for that.


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I voted to close this.. it is way too opinion-based in my opinion. :)

For what it's worth I use a directory titled "Working" for construction files.

Then a directory titled "Images" for final images to be used.

All my projects essentially have the same directory structure....

  • [Project]
    • [Client files]
    • [Images]
    • [Working]
    • project.indd
    • project.pdf
    • project.pdfx
    • [Build] (directory if web project)
    • [Older] (Backup directory of previous project file iterations. Basically I send the client a proof on the 10th.. they get back to me on the 15th. I copy the file from 10th into this directory, then make changes on the original file from the 10th. This allows me to revert to a previous proof if it's ever needed.)

Within the various directories you can add additional subdirectories if you want. You can do Working -> Raster or Working -> PSD, whatever. But by putting it in the "Working" directory I know it'll be the live, unflattened, editable, file.

  • I'm ok with it being closed. "working" works for me. I mostly develop and there are set conventions for folder names like "dist", "src", "lib". I was looking for clarity on the convention for the mentioned file types.
    – RyanDay
    Jan 25, 2018 at 23:58

Image Files

They are all types of image files so you could you that.


Graphics Files

Image file definition:

Image files are composed of digital data in one of these formats that can be rasterized for use on a computer display or printer. An image file format may store data in uncompressed, compressed, or vector formats.


Source files /Sources? This is how I ususally structure my projects:

Project Name

--Assets (this could be fonts, photos, etc)

--Sources (ai, psd, etc)

--Exports (pdf, jpg, etc)

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