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I'd like to recreate this.

  • How to darken the photo like the example
  • How to get that natural blue look on the house
  • How to darken the clouds and the ground.
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    Please show us what you've tried and where you are struggling. This is not a "tutorial on demand" site. – Scott Jan 28 '18 at 18:27

This should be a fairly straight forward process.

  • Make sure all of your primary elements are on separate layers. For the ground/sky, duplicate the layer, add a layer mask, paint away either the sky or ground and label the layer appropriately.

  • For the Sky, run levels and color adjustments to get to the color you want. You may even want to take all the color out of the layer and then colorize so it's one hue and adjust from there.

  • For the ground, I dont recommend colorize, I'd keep it full color but take the saturation way down. You can then soften the transition between sky and ground so there is not a harsh line between them. A simple blur or some soft brush strokes on the layer mask will suffice.

  • For the building you need to blend it into the background better. No need to be perfect as it will be dark but add some dry plants maybe that cover the transition lines. Also a large very soft shadow will be helpful. (see NOTE1)

  • To make the house blue I recommend making a shape with the pen tool (or several) Setting them to a rich blue, and then playing with the transfer modes and transparency. Make sure your shapes only cover the stone, not the window openings.

  • Finally the original has a heavy vignette. This will be another layer. Make a black layer, add a more or less circular layer mask so there is a hole in the middle of the layer that reveals the house and blur the layer mask. You can then paint in the layer mask with a large soft brush to add or take away from the effect.

I hope that helps.

NOTE1: Blending "as is" do not happen because the perspectives are different. The house is photographed from too low altitude. Now it seems levitating in the air, only a shadow on the road is missing. The error can be hided with darkness or plants.

Less masking is needed if you warp the perspectives to fit better. The terrain could have a small hill and the house could be squeezed towards the top. Original house actually has straight appearance due long distance and horizontal camera position or it's straightened vertically. Photographing a little upwards should be simulated. Here's an example:

enter image description here

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