I'm having a little problem in Illustrator CS6 that makes me very confused.I'm trying to extend my file to the "bleed" grid,but the extended background is transparent,which then results in a blank space bleed.How could i fix it,it only happens with this file?enter image description here

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    You should update this question with a screenshot of your layers panel. That would help answer your question. Also, Is there a clipping mask? – LateralTerminal Jan 29 '18 at 21:57

If you are using Simulate colored paper then that appears correct. The simulation won't extend into the bleed area, and it shouldn't since it's intent is to simulate the stock. Because that color is not to be printed, it shouldn't bleed.

If that is merely a rectangle filled with color. Increase the size of the rectangle to hit your bleed guides.

  • You see,i'm not very aware of Adobe ,i just started using it.Putting it this way,is there anyway to extend the background of file,so i can print it with 5 mm bleed (which is requested by the print company)? Isn't "bleed" adding extended background,so you can print the file properly? – David Toro offerta Jan 29 '18 at 17:14
  • Again, I don't know if you are using the Simulate Colored Paper option. That makes a difference. If you are using that, there's nothing you need to do. The paper won't extend into the bleed. It would help if you edit the question and describe how that background color is set up. – Scott Jan 29 '18 at 17:19
  • The file is not created in Illustrator,it is created in online based design site.I open it the same way i open any other file(And adding bleed to them is not a problem),and yet this happens.And no,i'm not using Simulate Colored Paper. – David Toro offerta Jan 29 '18 at 17:27
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    If it's not created in Illustrator.. why do you state it is? How can anyone help if we don't know the "online based design site"? Sorry, there are so many unknown variables presented with every post you make, I don't think I can help you beyond what I've already posted. – Scott Jan 29 '18 at 18:33
  • I think David means the original was created online and he's trying to modify it in Illustrator? – GoofyMonkey Jan 29 '18 at 19:01

Looks like you have two boxes to extend. The first one is the pattern, which you've extended, the other should be the solid colour box that is behind your pattern. You should be able to select both boxes at once and extend them. If not, double check that all objects are unlocked, then try to select the colored background box and extend it.

Object > Unlock all

  • GoofyMonkey,you are the man.Thank you so much,you explained in such an easy way,and it was followed by success.Thank you. – David Toro offerta Jan 29 '18 at 19:54
  • No problem. Glad I could help. – GoofyMonkey Jan 29 '18 at 20:18

You need to also expand your artboard and your background (red) so there's color behind it.

Using shift+o or selecting it on the toolbar.

enter image description here

Source: I work for a printing company so I do this for art daily.

  • Bleed should extend past the artboard. – GoofyMonkey Jan 29 '18 at 18:55
  • @GoofyMonkey Unless the artboard is to the piece size+bleed then it will ignore any art not within the artboard. Maybe reconsider downvoting before you know all the facts. – Ovaryraptor Jan 29 '18 at 19:10
  • The FACT, is that "Bleed is a printing term that is used to describe a document which has images or elements that touch the edge of the page, EXTENDING BEYOND THE TRIM EDGE and leaving no white margin." ~ rubiks.ca/EN/resource-center/useful-printing-tips.html – GoofyMonkey Jan 29 '18 at 19:19
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    @GoofyMonkey: If I have a 10 x 10 trim and I provide a document 10.25 x 10.25 with manual trim guides for 10 x 10, I have provided bleed. Re-read what Ovaryraptor wrote. Certainly Ovaryraptor knows the definition of bleed. – Yorik Jan 29 '18 at 19:47

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