I have an action that takes a psd with a 3d layer that:

  • Resets the rotation of the Object
  • Moves it to the Ground Plane
  • Unifies it
  • Exports to an obj file (here lies the problem)
  • Closes the document

When it exports during the batch it writes it as whatever the original file was named overwriting the original. I want to simply export the obj with whatever name the current psd has. I have a render action that renders the 3d image and saves it as a jpg that runs just fine so it's probably some problem with ps's export 3d layer command and actions.

I also tried writing a folder action on the mac that will copy and rename the files to a different folder via a bash script pulling names from a txt file and deleting them as it moves them and it sometimes manages to get 2 of the 3 into the destination other times it moves the mtl file as well which was nowhere in it's commands.

NAME=$(head -1 /Users/username/Desktop/test.txt)
mv /Users/username/Desktop/3D/OBJ/Run/CH098.obj /Users/username/Desktop/3D/OBJ/Processed/$NAME.obj
tail -n +2 /Users/username/Desktop/test.txt > /Users/username/Desktop/test.bak.txt
mv /Users/username/Desktop/test.bak.txt /Users/username/Desktop/test.txt

I then decided it was running too soon and added a 5 second pause before it moved the file to hopefully make sure photoshop had finished writing to the file. (it didn't work)

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