PREMISE: I have 2 actions. One has a inactive step, the goal being is I want it to stop before this particular step so that I can manually handle do work. I also have another action which has all steps active.

ATTEMPT: I wanted to combine the steps of both of those actions into 1 action thus saving the need to use 2 actions.

PROBLEM When I had the last step in 'Crop Adjust 1' set to inactive, it would run and stop before the last step, allowing me to manually edit. When I tried to combine the steps of 'Crop Adjust 1' with '..Gallery Frame..1' as show in 'Crop Adjust 2,' the inactive step would just be skipped over.

GOAL: Have the Action stop at the inactive step, let me manually do work, then let me resume the rest of the steps in the action. Is this possible?

Actions With Inactive Step Vs. Combined Action With Inactive Step

  • Thats kindof the purpose of inactive, to skip the step. Use a stop. – joojaa Feb 7 '18 at 16:24

You must insert a Stop.

Check ** allow continue**.

When you play the action it will stop showing the Stop message.

Click the Stop button.

Now you can go back to your work.

Hitting the play button your action will continue where it stopped.

Image below:

enter image description here

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