I'm having a problem I haven't encountered before. On my previous laptop I was using PSCC, and it was perfectly fine. But now, whenever I have a selection and delete, or try to erase using the brush, the edges become pixelated.

As an example-

Selection: enter image description here

Cut to new layer: enter image description here

What happened, and how can I fix this? I don't see any cut and paste options for selections anywhere to fiddle with, and changing the eraser to pencil mode isn't really much of a solution though it does do its one solitary job.


The layer mode is set to Dissolve. Try setting it to Normal.

The Dissolve layer mode causes semi transparent pixels to look pixelated/dithered.

enter image description here

  • Oh my god, I didn't even notice >.<
    – mmf1102
    Feb 8 '18 at 23:21

Had common problem...different reason. Maybe will help someone.

Image-> Mode-> Indexed Color...
-it was set like this causing pixelated,erasing,deleting etc.

Image-> Mode-> RGB Color -this is right config.

Picture show how it is different

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