I'm trying to think of the name of this style, to me, it's sort of like a flat meets minimal skeuomorphism (like 90% flat, 10% skeuomorphism) but I think there's a proper name for this style, just trying to find out what it is.

This is a button:

a button

This is part of a header:

a header

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    Not everything has a name :) – joojaa Feb 14 '18 at 9:06

why do you think "there's a proper name"? It could be either...

or perhaps isometric (which would be as accurate as skeuomorphic or flat)

  • yeah this seems to be roughly what I was after, a quick google image search of "isometric website design" revealed a lot of memories of habbo hotel, appreciate the quick response :) – Brandito Feb 14 '18 at 2:54

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