I typed out text in 14pt. I then typed another letter in 131pt out. I was hoping to have my 14pt text wrap around the 131pt character...but to no avail! I clicked on both items (and my 131pt. letter was above the layer for the other text) and clicked on "Text Wrap > Make". Nothing happens. Am i not doing this correctly? I even tried to follow a tutorial...it seems so obvious and simple...yet might this be a bug in CS6?!


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  • Set the area type box - you must click-drag with the type tool to create a box, then insert the text into the box.

  • set the drop cap character

  • if you want the wrap to be rectangular around the drop cap. Select the drop cap and choose Object > Text Wrap > Make

live type

  • if you want the area type to wrap the contour of the drop cap - Select the drop cap and choose Type > Create Outlines, then choose Object > Text Wrap > Make


When applying a text wrap, you only want to select the object to be wrapped. Nothing more.


You need to make sure the wrap object (in this case the outlined letter T) is above the text, and in the same layer.

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