For testing different UI combinations for an Ionic mobile application I have been asked to provide a Ionic components image kit so they can be drag&drop into Photoshop or other editor.

I have been trying to find it without success. Do someone know if this exists and where it is?



You can buy them from various online shops like Creative Market & GraphicRiver.Here are some useful UI Kit Links(Free & Premium)

  1. Free IONIC UI kit: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2ztg06dononfuz4/ionic-ui-kit.psd
  2. Premium UI Kits Link: https://creativemarket.com/search/ui/kit/Ionic

It's also worth noting someone posted a large free asset kit on the Affinity forums site for use with Affinity Designer with some version of the Ionic icon set as well as the more-typical freeware iconsets such as entypo+.

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