I have a ton of licensed fonts from various foundries (1,000+).

Is there a tool out there similar to Typekit that would enable me to host/organize my personal font library on the cloud AND keep them continuously synched across my devices and design programs such as Sketch, Adobe CC, etc.?


You have several options.

  1. Fontbase is free and beautifuly designed. It's updated quite frequently too.
  2. NexusFont is also free and is one of the most widely used ones.
  3. Suitcase Fusion is an industry standard but it's quite pricey. However it has excellent syncing between applications.

There are many more options but these are in my opinion the top 3.


I've been using FontAgent since the early 2000s.

Before that I Use the Adobe Type Manager (which is dead now). I've tried Suitcase and FontExplorer and always found them more troublesome than helpful. That's just my opinion/experience though.

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