What are the main differences of showcase websites like the ones mentioned on the title of this question?

I've never used any of them, and I'm not really sure what are the main differences between all of them, being them technical (what you can and can't do with them), by intended usage or by the what their users made them (social networking websites tend to acquire their shape and differentiate from each other even by the habits of their users).

By browsing them and reading the descriptions on Wikipedia, I can't really tell what these differences in the intended usage are; I can only guess that DeviantArt seems more oriented toward amateur artists while the other two seem to be geared more toward a professional audience.

If there is somebody here that has more experience about them, I'd like to have a brief comparison of these sites (and even other similar ones, if they exist, I've only mentioned the ones that I know of).

  • Have you already investigated the user profile + other data mining and pinpoint advertising services which one can buy? (=the reason why the sites exist, they need a solid income to reside somewhere and provide interest for the used money) – user287001 Feb 27 '18 at 22:35
  • 2
    I would like to point out that there is no inherent reason why similar services would need to be different in any meaningful way from your point of view. I mean if your buying nails for a simple woodworking project then any manufacturers nail is most likely going to be fine. Competition does not always create a difference that is meaningful, even though marketing may try to make you believe otherwise. – joojaa Feb 28 '18 at 9:29

Personal experience:

  • Deviantart is the oldest. Audience has many DIY crafters, cosplayers, painters, writers, amateur artists etc.
    • The main appeal here is the community stuff, groups, contests because it has an established userbase.
    • Easy entrypoint - there's no hoops to jump unlike Dribble.
    • A popular alternative is Tumblr for posting similar stuff (people might stay on DA over Tumblr because of the commissions).
  • Dribble, basically the Illuminati of design. Just kidding!
    • Because posters need to be invited to join the quality of work there is much better than blindly browsing Pinterest (which borrows a lot of stuff from here).
    • Artists here keep up with and create the hippest trends in UI, digital design, motion graphics, etc.
  • Behance, Adobe bought over this as a selling point for their products (Kinda "Wow you too can make cool things! See?").
    • Anyone with an adobe account can post. But the audience is mainly professionals which gets their posts appreciated more which rise to the top of the curated sections. Basically design inspiration everyday. Projects here range from typography, branding to adverts, etc.
    • Ah, here you can customize your own posts HTML a little. It's usually mixed with tall scrolling pics for a cool effect.
    • The selling point is that you can PM pros directly, well all the other sites also let you do that.


Other places I can remember include Artstation (concept art, 3D), CG Society, SketchFab

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