Acchi Kocchi Kindergarten I mean the font of the biggest purple letters.

It says あっちこっち幼稚園

I've searched in google and Whatthefont with no results.

Point to look at:

  • The hiraganas あ and こ have arrows added.
  • I don't think whatthefont supports Japanese characters. Try en.likefont.com instead. It can find some fonts which are close, but not an exact match. Perhaps it's not a font - it could be a custom design, or the characters could have been modified. Not everything is a font! – Billy Kerr Mar 7 '18 at 10:40

The logo uses a font タカライン created by Shin'ichi Takahara, with roundedness and other necessary modification added. The kana and kanji also seem taken from different weights of the family, respectively.

enter image description here

(example using タカライン H)


I checked the major japanese font makers (C&G, DynaCom, Fontworks, Iwata, Morisawa, Motoya, Screen, Typebank, VDL) catalogs, but couldn't find a match. Most probably it is a "design" (デサイン書体, not gothic or ゴシック) font, with some edge rounding. The arrows were most probably added later, because one of the main visual elements of the anime were arrows.

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