On my instagram feed I stumbled upon an app that let's you do dithering that sort of looks like a reaction diffusion algorithm. I tried to find it, but only found Ivan Murits app TexTuring, which is definitely not it.

I want to translate an image to a vector file that uses the reaction diffusion style to dither the image? How would you do that?

Reaction Diffusion


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Hmm interesting. There's a filter in G'MIC for GIMP that can make a similar pattern from an image.

Once G'MIC is installed for GIMP, you'll find it listed under Filters > G'MIC > Testing > Lylejk > Lylejk's Stencil. To get the effect you want, it's best if you desaturate the image first.

Screenshot of the filter in action

enter image description here


enter image description here

Here's another one I made from random difference clouds generated in GIMP, then the same filer applied, but with a larger radius

enter image description here

From there you could autotrace the image into vectors in Illustrator/Inkscape etc.

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