I am working on an InDesign document with 6 pages but every second (even) page needs to be printed upside down, as it will be displayed as a flip chart style. How can I set up InDesign so that I won't have to design the even pages upside down, as it's not practical? is there a setting that can also help me save the document with such pages upside down for future distribution and printing in the right way? Thanks guys

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If you are printing to a duplex printer (a printer capable of two-sided printing), it's often a matter of setting the printer options correctly. You have to tell the printer to align on the long edge to ensure you don't need to flip pages upside down. If the printer is set to align on the short edge then often it means the front/back of a single print is upside down with each other.

If you still need to flip pages and it's not merely a printer setting....

Design your pages upside down... But use the Rotate Spread View option to view the pages right side up in InDesign.

enter image description here

enter image description here

This allows you to work on a page and avoid the visual confusion, while ensuring the page will be output upside down.

The Rotate Spread View option only alters what you see on screen it doesn't change the direction the page will be output.

CS6 screenshots because that version is what I have launched. Should be very similar in CC


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