My co-worker is the one who taught me this short key in InDesign. It's very useful to align content for a much cleaner look, but it can only be used if the content is in the same paragraph or separated by using a soft break.

I've attached an image of text with and without use of the quick key. It's impossible to find, considering I don't know the name of the action.

enter image description here


The feature is called 'Indent to Here' and is found in the menu via 'Type → Insert Special Character → Other'. The alternative to this is using proper bullets, which is well documented in the official docs. This is set up as a paragraph style so works better for repeated instances where you can quickly apply the style without having to hit Ctrl+\ every time. Also, the actual bullet character (which can be customized to any character) and the spacing around it get inserted automatically.

  • The alternative in the particular case illustrated in the question; not necessarily in other contexts where an indent-to-here character is used. – Janus Bahs Jacquet Mar 17 '18 at 22:27

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