I'm new to this forum, and am really looking for advice on how to animate my website. At the moment I've stuck with snap transitions and some loading text, but I feel I could do better. My current layout looks like this: https://gyazo.com/3a052946790846606ff97eb6db6fd79b. I have a split section setup, one side with general information like date, facts, and weather, and the other side with schedule information. Both sides are updated when the user selects a date, although I'm having trouble creating an effective animation. I'm pretty stuck right now, and the snappiness is good, but not very nice to look at when clicking through dozens of pages. I've browsed dribble quite a bit, but I can't really find anything that suites a concurrently changed cross-section layout like mine.

Thanks, Will

  • Knowing what software you are using generally assists in answers. Or if this is for the web, indicating that would help. – Scott Mar 18 '18 at 4:25
  • I said it's for my website. I'm just using Velocity with javascript, I'm not asking for how to do it, I'm asking for ideas. – Will Mar 18 '18 at 5:07
  • You're right I missed that single word in your first sentence. My apologies. – Scott Mar 18 '18 at 7:38
  • Welcome to Graphic Design SE. Please edit your question according to our rules for critique questions, and note that we do not like link-only questions. – Wrzlprmft Mar 18 '18 at 9:07

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