When using Path>Inset the inset is a big too big? Can I change its size?

And I know about dynamic offset but when I try to do it to multiple objects (which I need in this case) Inkscape just switches to Edit path by nodes and doesn't show the handle to control the inset. However if I try to do it with each object individually I can't find any numerical control to make sure the offset is the same for all objects.

So I guess my question would be how to set identical inset size for multiple objects?

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inset outset offset

One word is worth one one-thousandth of a picture.

Third parameter in the right side menu appears to give the flexibility you require.

  • The offset is controllable this way, but I'm not sure about the units. I entered an offset in inches and the offset created was 8X what I wanted. Maybe I did it wrong; or maybe there's a bug here. Commented Dec 22, 2020 at 16:54

Yes. If you use a Dynamic Offset, you can enter the exact amount of offset in the XML editor.

  • Select the object which you already applied the Dynamic Offset to.
  • Open the XML editor CTRL+Shift+X
  • The <svg:path id="pathxxxx"> of the object you selected will be highlighted automatically
  • Click on the inkscape:radius attribute
  • In the box underneath, type the value you want, and Press CTRL+Enter to commit the change. Note: negative values are inset, positve values are outset.

enter image description here


I tend not to use inset and outset. I prefer to group the objects, duplicate the group and click on it then Ctrl+Shift+drag on the corner handles to scale inplace.

  • 7
    What you describe is a completely different operation, though.
    – Tom Pohl
    Commented Dec 12, 2019 at 7:43
  • Can work if you have a convex shape and do not care about having a uniform inset. But probably the OP wants uniform inset on a general shape.
    – Arnaud
    Commented Jan 7 at 16:47

From Inkscape 1.1 and maybe earlier version you can do the following: group (Ctrl-G) your objects and apply the Path Effect called Offset.

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