I know that Adobe RGB and sRGB assume D65 illumination, but do they assume a 2 degree or 10 degree standard observer?

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  • sRGB:
  • Adobe RGB:


From A Standard Default Color Space for the Internet - sRGB (Version 1.10, November 5, 1996):

The colorimetric definitions provide the transforms necessary to convert between the sRGB color space and the CIEXYZ two degree observer color space.

Adobe RGB

From Adobe RGB (1998) Color Image Encoding (Version 2005-05 May 2005):

All chromaticity values shall be based on the CIE 1931 two-degree standard observer. See CIE Publication 15.2


As per the specification of Adobe RGB assumes 2 degree standard observer.

I dont have access to sRGB specification at the moment (i have at work but i wont be there for a while). But i believe it is a 2 degree observer as well.

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