I am fairly new to illustrator, have searched for the answer to this but having no luck. I am trying to add a grunge effect to white text using opacity mask and grunge textures, but it comes out grey, I would like a black effect. Can I somehow edit the opacity mask to be black, or should I be using a different technique? As far as I can tell the vectors I am using are already black. Thanks.

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If you want to completely mask something using an opacity mask, the color of the object on the mask needs to be 100% C, 100% M, 100% Y, and 100% K -- or 0R, 0G, 0B. This creates a complete (registration) black that will hide all colors.

If you are finding you mask leaves behind a slight grey tint, it's because the colors on the mask are not full black.

Note I'm suggesting registration black on the mask only. You should really never use registration black on actual artwork.

  • Thank you! I just tried that, set color to 000000 and CMKY to 100% each and its still gray. Show black on the art board and then as soon as I release it over text, grey. Thanks for answering though, I know now how to change CMKY! – Marion Mar 22 '18 at 2:41
  • Sorry, you're going to need to post some screen shots or something. This is as far as I can guess without seeing something. And I didn't mean to use CMYK colors in an RGB file. If the file is RGB, you should use 0R0G0B. – Scott Mar 22 '18 at 3:04

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