I would like to know, how can I apply that stickerbomb image to fill the inside of a stroke, but not the stroke.

I mean I was trying to apply it in many ways but always it ended up with image on stroke and not inside of it.



The stroke has been drawn in Illustrator if it matters.

I would like to manipulate the image inside of stroke as well.

I would like the image to appear like this:

how I would like to have it

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If the stroke is created in Illustrator and you intend to take this to Photoshop.....

Copy the stroke in AI.. Paste into PS, when asked paste as a Shape Layer (could also use Path).

You'll have a solid shape for the path. Then you can Command/Ctrl-Click the shape layer thumbnail to load it as a selection and apply a mask to your other "sticker" layer. Or use a clipping mask in Photoshop.

In this instance you really don't want a smart object when pasting. Having the path is more useful.

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