I have a limited budget for a screen I'd use for my work in PS, Illustrator, Indesign. Mostly print publications, catalogs, folders, logos, vector/raster illustrations.

Would you go for a better quality, color accuracy - 23" 1920x1108 or a bit less fancy (quality-wise) but bigger 28" 3840x2160?

I'm just starting my professional life after being an intern in a graphic studio and I'd really appreciate your advice!

  • Color precision is must. – mrserge Apr 7 '18 at 14:43
  • Save until you can get at least a 2500px wide display that is color accurate. Don't settle for those 4k "gaming" monitors and a 1920px wide monitor is going to "feel" small with today's software. The colors can be a problem with those "gaming" displays. – Scott Apr 7 '18 at 15:17

I just start pointing this is my opinion and maybe someone can point one that maybe better fits common sense, but I have a 4k basic 27" IPS monitor, and honestly, 4k, 2k for me are the same while painting. But for sure for letters and precise information on vectorized info it will make a lot of difference, I believe photo editing is the middle term, I've seen 4k photos that 1080p monitors lose details like full of star skys, etc.

So you must see what is more relevant in your work...

I have no use for wide gamut monitors, most of my work is not intended for printing and even so I would need to figure if someone here in my city has a printer that can take relevant advantage of this, I mean, honestly I have zero experience with wide gamut, I'm not even sure it will result in any advantage on color proofing for "common place" printers or image edition.

...and at same time, what is honestly needed.

So I personally would go for a precise sRGB representation 4k monitor.

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  • Thanks a lot for elaborating on this! My work will be - I think - half and half, print and digital. So actually I would need something in between. – Jago Ratajczak Apr 8 '18 at 14:24
  • I would add that at last for me sRGB is a safe place, I really don't know why people use Wide Gamut, I suppose it is to have less gamut warnings while soft proofing and so deliver a differentiated result with richer colors? Anyway I just like 4k because of area space and better definition of letters and details, I majoritarily paint only and for this sRBG is just fine... – RomuloPBenedetti Apr 8 '18 at 14:32
  • honestly if this bit less fancy is still a IPS and both show something like 99% sRGB get the bigger one, if the bigger one is a TN, I would absolutely not buy it. – RomuloPBenedetti Apr 8 '18 at 14:41

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