I expanded a text box in Illustrator and then edited it, however I can not add any words/letters to this text now.

How can I add words to this text, or even how can I know the size of that text to write another identical one?

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    If you’re asking how to un-outline text or how to find attributes such as point size and font for outlined text then you can’t. It’s impossible.
    – Westside
    Apr 12, 2018 at 19:12

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Expanded (outlined) type can not be edited like live type.

When you "Create Outlines" or "expand" a text object you convert it to standard vector objects, making it no different than a series of rectangles and circles. It no longer retains any text information such as font, face, kerning, type size, etc.

You'll have to retype anything if you need to edit it.

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